Murdoch University Melville FC is an incorporated non-profit association managed by volunteers. Murdoch University Melville FC is a member of Football West, which oversees the behaviour of our players, officials and spectators. The club is dedicated to providing facilities and opportunities for people of all ages to learn and play football. Our Rooball teams start from 5 years of age and are dedicated to providing a safe friendly environment for children to learn the sport, with particular emphasis on having FUN!


The club has gone through a number of name changes over the years. Originally it was known as Melville City Junior Soccer Club when formed in 1969 and played all their home games at Tompkins Park in Applecross. The Club’s Foundation Committee were Messrs M.Ginn, N. McDonald, W.Newstead, A.Taylor, H.Ciesla, R.Hedley, L.Strickland and a Mrs Hainsworth.

In the early 80s it was renamed to Melville City Soccer Club, dropping "Junior" as the adult membership expanded considerably.

Following the world name of our sport, in 2011 we changed from Soccer to Football, becoming Melville City Football Club.

In 2017, with our affiliation with Murdoch University, and under the guidance of President David Kindness, we again changed to our present name, Murdoch University Melville FC, retaining an important link to our Melville heritage, whilst picking up the Murdoch University prefix through the development of two top-class synthetic fields at the university.

Past Presidents of the Club

From 1969 there have been many Presidents of the Club. Without exception, five Presidents throughout the club's history have contributed significantly to our success. They were Dave Bickerton (1982 to 1985), Dave Nurse (1987 to 1990), Kevin Ramsden (2001 to 2004), Grahame Davis (2007 to 2012) and finally our current President Dave Kindness (2013 to present).

Dave Bickerton

Dave Bickerton was instrumental in maintaining the huge success of ‘’Country Week’’ a carnival where country teams came to Melville towards the end of each season to compete in a knock out type competition. Dave was instrumental in establishing the Club as we know it today , giving it a very good solid administrative and legal footing, activating professional auditing at the end of each season and formulating a strong tenancy arrangement with the City of Melville to ensure the club had a guaranteed ground for many future years.

Dave Nurse

The Club became Melville City Soccer Club during Dave Nurse’s presidency between 1987 and 1990 a time period when the club formulated its ‘’Incorporation’’ and established a long term understanding with the City of Melville that they would become the major tenants of the oval with the Athletics Club the summer time associated tenant. During Dave’s presidency the club established itself as the tenant responsible for the clubrooms obtaining then the benefit of sub-letting the main hall to many interested user groups such as Playgroups, Yoga clubs etc.

Dave’s involvement with Melville City as a club was from September 1979 to September 1990.

Committee Member


Vice president



1987, 98, 99 & 1990

Life Member

September 1990

From his records Dave indicated that Melville City in 1982 had 10 junior teams on full size pitch and 4 teams, 2 x 8 years & 2 x 9 year olds on small pitch with a total of 180 registered players.

He was the club registrar in 1985, 86 and 87 and the following numbers are from his records:


193 Junior & 18 Senior players


198 Junior & 33 Senior players


229 Junior & 30 Senior players

Melville City Juniors as it was known in 1984 put a senior team into the Amateur Soccer Association (ASA).

Division 4 the team included at least 8 players who had played juniors the previous year.

MCSC opened that Senior Mens season on the 1 April with an away win at Armadale 5-3 followed by our first home win at Len Shearer on the 8 April against WAIT-Karawara 4-2.  It was a tough season for the youngsters playing every week in a men’s completion, we enlisted the services of three of our junior coaches in Chris Brown, Steve Endersby and Harry Nolan for the later half of the season to complete the 22 games in League and 1 Cup.  The following are the players who played in that first season:

Norman Bailey

12 games

3 goals

Mitch Baker

17 games

2 goals

*Barry Bickerton

23 games

1 goal

Chris Brown

3 games

1 goal

Martin Dike

5 games

no goals

*Brian Dunscombe

21 games

7 goals

*Matthew Dunscombe

18 games

no goals

Steve Endersby

10 games

1 goal

Cornelus Kunnen

8 games

no goals

*Neil Lacy

23 games

no goals

Rory McCann

17 games

4 goals

Harry Nolan

8 games

1 goal

*Michael Norman

23 games

7 goals

David Nurse

20 games

no goals

*Vivan Parenzee

23 games

3 goals

*Brendan Skerman

21 games

no goals

Fred Wetterlundh

3 games

2 goals

*Mark Woshnak

21 games

2 goals

The team finished tenth in a league of 12 teams, P-22, W-5, D-3 L-14, F-32, A-66, Pts- 18, GD-34

Other Senior teams that competed in the 80’s included:

  • 1985 one league team P-18, W-8, D-2, L-8, F-47, A-44, Pts-26, GD-3
  • 1986 we entered a league & reserve team in Div-3.  This was the final year of ASA
  • 1987 Division 2 League & Reserves under Western Australian Amateur & Social Soccer Association.
  • Dave indicated that between 1984 -1988 inclusive Melville City hosted at Len Shearer the “Sports Forum” Junior State-Country  Metro Championship which was conducted over 5 days
  • Dave recalled that In September 1990  we had 290 junior and 54 senior playing members.

Kevin Ramsden

Kevin Ramsden was an excellent President who worked tirelessly for the club, he oversaw the club grow in strength from approximately 400 juniors and seniors to well over 800 in the three years he was President. During his presidency the ladies soccer increased immensely his own daughters being very active in the Melville City ladies teams. Kevin was instrumental in obtaining in partnership with the City of Melville the present floodlighting we all now enjoy at Len Shearer the total commitment of the club towards those lights being approximately $80,000 which has now been paid off several years ago.

Grahame Davis (2006-2012)

Grahame Davis has been also a brilliant President and has lifted the club into the twentieth century introducing a very professional approach to club management, telecommunications and has been instrumental in obtaining from our City Of Melville this year a vast improvement of the club facilities. Grahame has introduced a modern web site which is improving every year and we are now considered with a very high regard among the ranks of all West Australian amateur soccer clubs.

Dave Kindness (2013-Present)

Our current President is Dave Kindness. Dave has led the club through the biggest change in our game, the introduction of the NPL (National Premier League). He has been instrumental in the partnership formed with the City of Melville and Murdoch University to transform our club from MCFC to MUMFC in 2017; with the expansion to Murdoch, adopting their name and the provision of synthetic football fields. He is a strategic thinker and is making plans for the development of the club over the next 5-10 years including raising the standard of coaching, improving access to playing facilities and bringing a level of professionalism we hadn't seen to this time. As a player, career coach and Football enthusiast, Dave has engendered a spirit of strong contribution and endeavour.


Life Members

The club has granted Life Membership to the following:, N. McDonald, T.Anderson, G.Webb, G.Russell, A.Ligovich, K. Davis, B.Mace, H.Nolan, D.Nurse, S.Nurse, R. Dunscombe, J.Derries, S.Richardson, L.Colalillo, J. Nealon, J. Nurse, G.Trethewey, K.Ramsden, R.Marshall, J.Brown, C.McGhie, G.Davis, B.Hodges, D.Kindness, T. Harley, D. Long, C.Tamlin, R. Boyle and G.Crerie.

Club Secretaries And Other Club Members Who Have Made A Valuable Contribution To The Club’s Success

Several Club Secretaries should receive a mention as they gave tirelessly their time to the club during many years, without exception Judie Nealon 1993 to 2001, C.McGhie 2002 to 2006 stood out amongst many.  Rosemary Dunscombe, another lady who devoted more than ten years to the club in the 80’s and 90’s, was another whose contribution was immense. Many have contributed their time and deserve a mention and they were Alan Liovich, Eddie Wandless, Harry Nolan, John Spreadborough, Ken Davis [Grahame Davis’s dad], Jim Derries, and Steve Richardson.

Of the past players associated with the Club the names of Tony Franken [Perth Glory and Australia] and Vince Matassa [Perth Glory] are always frequently mentioned, of the present players still kicking a ball about Duncan Boldy, Trevor Harley, Kevin Ramsden, Grahame Davis, Gavin Nurse and Graham Trethewey have all been involved since the mid 80’s. We seem down the years to have been a club frequented by Doctors, Airline Pilots, Professors and Project Managers of all descriptions we even had for a short time a junior State Parliamentary minister who was a pretty good midfielder also.

Venue History

The club remained at Tompkins Park throughout the 1970’s until approximately 1981 when Len Shearer Reserve was offered as a home ground to be shared between Melville City Junior Soccer Club and the then First Division Premier League team Melville Allemania. During the early 80’s Melville Allemania used the large pitch as their playing ground and the Junior Club used the top two pitches, the bottom ground being roped off when Melville Allemania played there on Saturday afternoon.

Melville Allemania left Len Shearer in 1985 to become a few years later Leeming Strikers transferring to their existing ground at John Connell Reserve. Over the years at various times amalgamations with Leeming Strikers, Canning Corinthians and East Fremantle have been spoken about but never have materialised until 2011 which completed the merger with Murdoch University.  Melville City FC then became the strongest club in the metropolitan area presently having a membership of approximately 800 junior and 170 senior players within the club.

Over the years our end of season trophy day and AGM has always proved to be eventful, with our season club nights proving equally to be very enjoyable events mostly held at the club rooms with the exception of 1992 when the club hired a double decker London bus to take the club up to the restaurant at Araluen for that nights event's. We have hosted the Perth Glory on several occasions one time Gaven Naven [Perth Glory’s most successful captain] came with four or five Glory players to speak to all the juniors about the Glory just after they had won the ASL for the first time in 2002/2003.

The Club Management over the years has expanded in its structure and practices, and everyone on the committee provides their valuable time to the club’s success.