VolunteerMurdoch University Melville FC is the largest football club in Western Australia.  In 2019 we had about 1400 players.  Running a club of this size takes quite some effort and we rely upon the generosity of volunteers at all levels of the Club in giving their time.  Sadly, we are always short of volunteers and there are a number of jobs that need doing that are not done as effectively as we would like through personnel shortages.  Some roles don't actually take much, yet we cannot seem to fill them.

The lack of volunteers is always an ongoing concern and in 2013 the Committee decided to introduce a "Volunteer Levy" for the following seasons to impress upon players' families the urgent need to have volunteer assistance to successfully operate the functions of the Club. Those that participate in a range of voluntary roles will have this levy refunded.

This will operate as follows:

Volunteer Levy refunds will only be available to registered volunteers (on https://www.playfootball.com.au) that have participated at least 5 hours per family per season in approved voluntary roles. These include:

  • Committee role (as published on https://www.mumfc.com.au/contact-us)
  • Coaching a team for the season
  • First assistant coach
  • Managing a team for the season
  • Working bees (would need to attend more than one to complete 5 hrs)
  • Coordinating/attending functions in a helper capacity
  • Approved fundraising events
  • Administrative support in some committee-managed initiative
  • Line and field marking
  • Documented ground official duties by authorised members, eg Mens State League home games
  • Other significant tasks as approved by executive committee
  • Sponsors of cash or goods in excess of $500 have already met the requirements and are excluded from this initiative


A $50 volunteer levy applies for all players from U10s and older, with a $25 levy for Miniroos Saturday players.


The Volunteer Levy refund does not apply for tasks like:

  • Washing jerseys
  • Running Lines
  • Second or third assistant coaches
  • Setting up or bringing down goals or flags
  • Providing half-time fruit at games
  • Attending games or training, or providing lifts to/from these
  • Any members that do not fulfil the 5 hours per family requirement

The Refund Process When You Volunteer

Since registration and fees are managed through the MyFootballClub web site, every player will have this levy built into their fee paid online.

Refunds will be processed as follows:

  • Families with multiple players are entitled to an immediate refund for second and subsequent players. Please email with all family members requiring the refund and bank details.
  • Sponsors are entitled to an immediate refund if they have a player in the club
  • Elected Committee members to apply to club Treasurer for refund at any time
  • Coaches and managers can apply from mid-season
  • Others participating in a club activity will have hours marked off by the Committee coordinator of that activity and these will be claimed from the Treasurer.


A claim form has been designed that should be sent for processing the refund.(right click here to download).

Volunteers should register on the PlayFootball.com.au web site.

If you are interested in volunteering, please let us know:

Contact the Committee on or approach any Committee member known to you.