As parents, at some time or another, you will be required to assist during a game to be an Assistant Referee so please come along to an important, free information session and learn how to do the job properly. Thursday 12th April, 6pm, Len Shearer.


Ever wondered:

  • How to remember who touched the ball last before it went over the sideline?
  • When do decide if an attacker is offside?
  • Where to point the flag if it is a corner kick?
  • Where to stand (run) to keep up with the play to get the best view of the ball?
  • Which way to point the flag: horizontal, angled, along the line, toward the goal?
  • What to say to noisy spectators who are standing on your line?

These and more questions will be answered. So parents please come along. 

Linesman offside.jpg

  • Open to ALL coaches, managers and parents
  • Learn about how to best be a team referees assistant
  • Throw-ins, how to keep up with play and (most of) the offside Rule

Thursday 12th April, 6:00pm - 7:00pm at Len Shearer Reserve

Parents of all academy teams strongly encouraged to attend. Mums too!


For resources and information, please check out our web page: 

Questions to our club referee coordinator, Christian Long