Three months in the making, MUM FC has been accredited as one of the very few clubs in Western Australia proud to have attained FFA-awarded National Club Accreditation Scheme (NCAS) accreditation.

"We have always worked hard to build a great club, with strong processes, management, coaching, ethics and standards," says President David Kindness. "This accreditation is the icing on the cake. I am very proud and thank contributions by all of our many volunteers who make the club what it is today".

A 72-page submission was developed by Club Adminstration Manager, Craig Tamlin, with help from many members of the executive committee including registrar Mel Michael.

The NCAS is a program that aims to raise the standards of grassroots football clubs by recognising and rewarding clubs that have, or put in place, measures which ultimately contributes to quality football experiences for players, volunteers and parents.

Fundamentally, clubs play the key role in the development of football in Australia. In order to raise the overall standard of club administration at all levels of the game, a clear model that identifies and recognizes best practice in all areas of club administration will be rolled out across Australia.

The NCAS provides an accreditation rating scheme for grassroots football clubs as identified in the National Game Development Strategy. This sets guidelines and criteria for best-practice models which can be replicated in clubs throughout the country.

Similar programs and initiatives have been delivered by a number of National Sporting Organisations in Australia, by the Football Association in the United Kingdom, as well as by other major European football nations. These club accreditation initiatives have successfully raised standards at the grassroots level and assisted in developing a greater connection between clubs and their National Sporting Organisations.