Running Perth's largest football club is an inordinate undertaking.  While we have a fantastic community spirit, we do not benefit from some community aspects seen in other clubs such as sponsorship and grounds.

Sponsorship in some clubs amounts to well over $100,000 pa and of course in such circumstances, these vital sponsorship dollars provide access to lower registration fees and better facilities. Unlike many other junior sports, participation in football in WA receives no subsidisation of any description from the state or national bodies.

Murdoch University Melville FC is run by a hard-working voluntary committee who put in many hours each week to keep your club operating well.  Here are some of the areas that we spend money on in order to keep the club operating smoothly:

  • Rooball competition: team photos
  • Trophies
  • Goals and nets
  • Footballs (the club purchases about 400 new footballs each season, and yes, we do reuse those from the prior year that are not worn out)
  • Match balls - special better-quality balls to be reserved for matches
  • Council ground fees
  • Clubroom rental fees
  • Football West registration fees, which includes insurance for every registered player and club member
  • Referee fees for Academy teams
  • Uniforms
  • Coaching
  • Advertising, eg of our season launch days 
  • Fines - paid to Football West
  • Building insurance
  • Linemarking - this must happen each fortnight throughout the season, and more often in wet weather
  • Electricity (you don't think that those massive flood lights power themselves)
  • Temporary ground hire - eg when the light tower fell at Len Shearer and we had to move some teams to Murdoch Uni for training for a month
  • Web site hosting and technical support
  • Gas and Water for kitchen and showers
  • Other training equipment: poles, etc
  • First aid
  • Sponsorships of players entering state or national competitions
  • Competition entry fees
  • Physio fees (manadatory for Men's and Ladies state league matches)
  • Subsidy toward coaching courses in Football West accredited courses
  • Annual audit fees of our accounts
  • Toilet paper, stationery, printing, signage
  • Cleaning of the clubrooms and change rooms each week
  • And in 2014 we built a shed to store all of our equipment as we are outgrowing the limited space in the Len Shearer clubroom building
  • And on it goes

We are approached from time to time about fund-raising activities which might relieve the burden on membership fees, however as Craig Tamlin, our administration manager says, "Every good idea needs at least two volunteers", and we don't see these volunteers step forward.

Should you feel that you have something to contribute, by way of sponsorship or a fund-raising idea that you can own and operate on behalf of the club, please bring it to the attention of the committee.  We meet every 2nd Monday of the month from 7pm-10:30pm.  Join us!