The Juniors competition is the transition from the in-house Saturday Rooball competition to more formally structured teams with a competition of home and away matches.

The club introduces the concept of grading, placing players of similar abilities together into teams. This keeps self-esteem intact and paces children appropriately, and allows all kids to develop at a level that is ‘just right’ for them.

In U9's, U10's and U11's there is no ladder and this is designed to encourage adaptation to the concept of home and away matches without an onerously competitive outcome. The main focus remains on having fun, making new friends, developing new skills and loving physical activity. 

Starting in the U12’s, team play for a spot within their league. While the sport remains friendly and positive, kids are starting to vie for the opportunity play in their division’s finals while playing on half size pitches.

Girls are encouraged and very welcome to play in the Juniors teams along with boys, or can select to play in Girl Only teams, based on their preference.

There are very few remaining places within each age group, so we encourage parents to reach out as soon as possible if they still want to secure a spot for their child. 

General Info

Most of the junior football is played on Sunday mornings, with the younger teams kicking off from 8:00 onwards and the older sides following later.

Each age group consist of typically 7 - 11 teams, with our U9, U10 and U11's kids only playing South of the River. From U12's onwards, the most competitive teams start playing across the Metro area, with the remaining teams playing closer to home.

Our most competitive team(s) in each age group make up the MUMFC Academy players typically playing in the National Premier League and/or the 1st and 2nd division Metro leagues. Selection for the academy is made during late October or November for the following year.

We rely predominantly on volunteers within the club, and encourage training and coaching qualifications for all of our coaches, which are subsidised by MUMFC. Please contact us if you are eager to help.


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The overall coordination of this age group is undertaken by Cornelia Major, Vice President Juniors. She can be contacted on  or 0435 0980 458.


Kids pre parade April 2017