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The Murdoch University Melville FC Academy aims to develop junior players to the highest level providing a direct pathway to Murdoch University Melville FC's State League team.

Junior NPL

Murdoch University Melville Football Club have been granted a Junior NPL licence commencing in the 2016 season meaning Academy teams will be playing at the highest level for all age groups.

This NPL licence demonstrates that Murdoch University Melville FC's structure for elite juniors provides a strong framework for continued growth of young players both on and off the football pitch.

For more information on what the NPL is, please follow link below to information and FAQ documents.

Murdoch University Melville Football Club Academy Pathway

Murdoch University Melville FC is a community based association football club with a foundation on having a positive impact on the community. The club is dedicated to providing facilities and opportunities for people of all ages to learn and play football. The Academy sits within the broader Murdoch University Melville FC structure and as such the values and attitudes within the club carry through to the academy.

The MUMFC Academy was started in season 2012 as a way of ensuring our most talented young players received a higher standard of coaching and the opportunity to play in a more professional and structured set-up. The Academy aims to provide opportunity for younger player to develop to the highest level and a pathway to the State League team (as an adult) and beyond.

Murdoch University Melville FC will endeavour to provide academy players an enhanced football education in line with the Football Federation of Australia (FFA) curriculum. Murdoch University Melville FC players will be tactically, technically, physiologically and psychologically challenged so that they have the best opportunity to progress through the junior ranks and develop their skills holistically.

We encourage both boys and girls to apply and we select the squads on merit. Please note that girls are permitted to play in the boy's league one age group younger than their current age.

Murdoch University Melville FC's Academy will see player development as the priority rather than a win at all cost attitude. We hope that our academy will produce Murdoch University Melville superstars of the future!

Is the Murdoch University Melville Academy for me?

2018 will see the majority of Murdoch University Melville FC's quality coaching team returning.  Through the club's in house coach development program run by Technical Director Mark Jones, Murdoch University Melville FC has continued to grow it depth of coaching.  Existing coaches continuing their development by attaining further accreditation, and other commenced the formal qualification process.

The Academy has been developed to add an elite level of coaching and development to the club's strong base. The Academy is aimed at young players who have the desire and ability to play as a State League player as an adult (or beyond).

As part of the Murdoch University Melville FC Academy, there is a higher level of commitment expected. This commitment includes:

  • As members of the top team per age group, the Academy players (and their families) are seen as ambassadors by the broader community. The club expects both players and parents to display the club's values on and off the pitch.
  • Academy training session are usually at a higher intensity, are more frequent and of longer duration than training for non-Academy teams.
  • Players are expected to attend all training sessions unless a legitimate reason prevents attendance. Due notice should be given to the coach and team manager in all cases.
  • Players are expected to come to training with a willingness to listen and learn.
  • All players are required to commit to provide volunteer support to a state league game once in a season (4 hours on a Saturday for the junior player and at least one adult).

Murdoch University Melville FC recognises that in today's world, the range of opportunities that exist to children is almost never ending. We are keen to ensure families do not over commit and if you are concerned about the level of commitment that the academy may require, please contact either the Academy Administrator or Technical Director.

There are many very good players in non-Academy teams at MUMFC and a choice not to play in the Academy team because of other commitments will not be seen negatively by Murdoch University Melville FC with the club endeavouring to find the right team for all young players.

For more details on the Academy program including: coaches, structure, culture and skills, please review the full Academy Summary Document here: pdf