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This page provides information for girls (both new and existing) aged 10 – 16.

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What’s Happening?

Our girl’s teams are going from strength to strength and have had an amazing 2019 season. But as a Club how do we further strengthen the foundations we have at MUM FC? Through consultation with Mark Jones our Technical Director there will be some fantastic opportunities for our girls in 2019.

Our commitment to the girls in our Club is to create, assist and progress to achieve dreams.

How Does It All Work?

Girls will nominate to play either community or “development” and teams will be selected during the trials which are held during the off season.

  • The creation of a Girl’s Academy which will become the building blocks towards a State League Women’s squad.
  • Additional training opportunities on the new synthetic turf pitches at Murdoch within our Girls Academy squad (following acceptance into the program) led by Mark Jones our Technical Director.
  • MUM FC training gear and equipment for our Girls Academy squad.
  • Opportunity to be involved with one of the strongest girls’ clubs in Western Australia!

The strategic plan for our girl’s teams does differ from previous seasons, so there will be questions. Some key information on how it works follows:


When are the trials and how do I sign up?

The trials will be conducted in February 2019 led by Mark Jones our Technical Director and assisted by the proposed coaches of the girls’ teams for 2019.

A link to submit an expression of interest will soon be available on the MUM FC website - this is an invitation for you to register for trials and should be returned as soon as possible. This is important and must be completed if you want to participate.

Can anyone apply to trial?

Absolutely, please encourage your school friends, other sports friends, siblings to register and give it a go!

How do the trials work?

Assessments will be undertaken by the club's Technical Director along with coaching staff for the 2020 season on either one or two nights depending on the number of players trialing.

What if I am successful in the trials?

You will be offered a position within a particular team according to your age and ability (as recommended by our Technical Director). You may also have an opportunity to join the Girls Academy.

How can I get into the Girls Academy?

During the team trials in February, girls will be identified and provided an opportunity to consider joining the elite squad.

What if I do not get into the Girls Academy?

The Club is committed to providing opportunities for all girls to play and will assist with placements within a team. We value all our players regardless of ability.

Will the Girls Academy impact on my normal team?

No, the Girls Academy is designed as a development opportunity with additional training sessions and you will play the season in your team that you have been positioned with.

When is registration?

Registration commences early January and we encourage all girls to register as soon as possible as places fill very quickly!

Can I play in the same team with my friends?

The strategic planning of the girl’s teams and the Academy for 2019 may impact on some girls and their ability to play with their friends. However we encourage all girls to join in, make new friends and this will further strengthen our Club!

Who will coach my team?

Coaches are still being selected and placed, however all coaches are dedicated and committed to the Club and are progressing towards or already have coaching accreditations.

When does the season start and what other things do I need to know?

Our first step of this strategy is to undertake the trials and team allocations however keep an eye on this webpage for more information as we move towards the new season next year.

Please contact  should you have any queries.

Age Groups and Teams:

The following table provides an indication of the likely teams for season 2020, dependent on your year of birth and team allocations.

Girls Teams and Eligibility by Year