Master’s player in World Cup for Australian team

MUMFC World Cup
One of MUMFC’s master players Will Nix has been chosen to play for Australia in the Masters World Cup!
How it happened!
“While helping out an injury hit squad of one of our 5 Masters teams in a pre-season friendly Will was asked to trial for the Australian Seniors World Cup squad. Playing well enough, he got an invite to the 16th edition of the tournament in Thailand in the first week of June 2024.

The tournament starts June 3rd with three days of Group games. In between these and the finals on 7th & 8th the squad spend a day coaching local underprivileged children the game and then gifting many football kits and equipment to the kids to give them a helping hand on their football journey.

It’s a timely reminder to all that with hard-work, belief and a strong, supportive community, anything is possible.”

Your dreams are never far away at MUMFC.

All the best Will and “ITS COMING HOME”

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